What I Offer

1st & foremost a serving heart & plenty of experience.

I have filmed somewhere around 500 wedding videos so far in my career. I know how to create a pleasant vibe, pose a couple & create beautiful action shots around them & their family.

A professional Red Epic Dragon 6K Film camera that shoots everything RAW.

By filming in a RAW format, I am able to change the exposure & your color balance in post production leaving you with a perfect balanced Image. This camera can also film in high speed frame rates providing you with beautiful slow motion effects, all in a high 6K resolution.

All packages include filming with 3 cameras during your ceremony.

Without using at least 3 cameras to film a ceremony, it is IMPOSSIBLE to cover all of the needed angles you will want to see in your wedding film. Camera 1 will be placed behind the audience & will capture a wide shot of your entire wedding party. Camera 2 will be placed on the left side of the audience & will capture a close-up of the groom & all the groomsmen. Camera 3 will be placed on the right side of the audience & will capture a close-up of the bride & all the bridesmaids. You will forever have all the needed angles, for you to see & hear all of your vows & ring exchange, all over again in its entirety, as it happened, all in real time.

2 cameras will be used for a portion of your reception.

All of your special dances, along with the toasts, will have 2 cameras that will be filming simultaneously. For your special dances, camera one will be a manned camera capturing a medium to close-up shot while camera 2 will be an unmanned camera capturing a wide shot. For your toasts, camera one will capture a close-up of your guest speaker while camera 2 will capture the bride & grooms reactions.

You know who your editor will be.

With large video companies, especially national ones, you’ll never know who will end up being your editor. Larger companies pay their editors a flat low rate fee, translating in them not wanting to spend much time on your edit & wedding film. I will always be the one editing your wedding film; therefore my films truly reflect the quality that I will be delivering to you.

Constant & easy communication even after your wedding day.

With large companies, it is very difficult to get your questions answered. You will always be able to get a hold of me easily & quickly via a phone call, text or email.

Upgrades are always possible even after your wedding has been filmed.

I hear the same story over & over again, year after year. Couples purchase the cheapest video package, only to want to upgrade their wedding film after their wedding day. It was a blur, the bride & groom will say, everything happened so fast & now that it’s over, we want to see & hear everything we can. This is why you MUST use 3 cameras to film & capture your ceremony. In order to preserve it.

Free Raw footage.

All of the footage from all 3 of my cameras can be obtained for free.

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